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Right from the day one of functioning there was no ambiguity in the core values of Continuous Upgradation & Improvement on the basis of team work concept through hard work & definitely that will lead to growth of every individual by achieving customer satisfaction. The growing & steady, consistent business graph of M S Life helped to take decision in shaping it to a corporate stature; accordingly, in the year 2001 the company was registered to the act of Indian Company Act’1956. In course of time the Company expanded in other business venture branching from Retail Chemists Chain to CNF endeavor under the banner of another subsidiary company G S A Surgical & Medicines Pvt. Ltd.

The objective of expansion was to become a major Key Player in the field of different core sectors of the Pharmaceutical Industry, focusing on customer demand driven activity backed by the in-house infrastructure & necessarily create & develop assets & investments to accelerate the future growth prospect of the company. The company since its inception in 1989 emphasized on creation of reserve fund so as to manage & be capable enough for all future expansion, development plans & program. Accordingly, creation of new assets by outright purchase, acquisition program took pace maintaining harmony of free functioning of existing companies. The goal of the corporation is to become a mega diversified group of companies with turnover of Rs.1000 Cr. by 2025.


The profile of the individual promoters and their exposure and experience in the related fields are of immense help to the company in many aspects to undertake & develop business activity on a regular basis. The plan & direction of development programme was formulated depending on all practical aspect; i.e. experience, fund & obviously the future growth prospect of the particular division / branch / trade etc. of the business venture. The promoters believe in culture of open communication & feedback from customers so that there will always be a hope of improvement. By this time company has planned to go ahead in service sector, manufacturing industry & export oriented unit at its own two plot of land at Dankuni, a satellite township within proximity of 15 Km of Kolkata metro city. Keeping apart all the employees of different centers & responsibility status by any means who always are contributory in the growth process, there is a man behind all such major activity during last half a decade is the CEO of the company Mr. Ashoke Bhowmick, who has an direct experience of more than 30 years of the trade & its related business.

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